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Withdata AccessToExcel - Export Access to Excel easy and quickly
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27 December 2014

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MS Access is usually a preferred application for storing various data records, but when we need to create a report, or store data records, MS Excel scores over Access due to its ease of use. Transferring data records from Access to Excel format is usually a time consuming process, as it involves a lot of copying and pasting jobs. It includes all sorts of troubles, which includes, selecting the subject matter and locations, formatting of the cells, etc. In order to minimize this onus, and ensure an easy transference of data into Excel format, you can try AccessToExcel 1.0. It is used to export data from Microsoft Access tables or Queries, other Excel files, or any other text files into the MS Excel file.

The AccessToExcel 1.0 is easy to use and consists of user-friendly interface. To start working with the program click ‘select Access file’ button to browse a specified Access database file for importing data. You can even use ‘open file’ button to open the selected Access file. After selecting the file, a list of all tables and queries will show in drop down form for each excel tab. By clicking ‘select Excel file’ button you can browse the path and store the resulting Excel file. Other options that are included in the program are run Excel macro, insert sheet if the limit of excel row is exceeded, and insert headers with choice of font and cell color. There are buttons to delete project, create a new project, help, close and exit. After making the required selections click ‘Run’ button to export the data from Access to Excel file at the appropriate position.

AcccessToExcel 1.0 is a tool which makes the task of transferring the data from MS Access to Excel, easy and quick. For the functions that save the time and the capability to transfer the data efficiently without losing any content, earns it a rating of makes it deserving of a rating of 3.5 points out of 5.

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Withdata AccessToExcel - Tool for exporting Access data to Excel.
Withdata AccessToExcel - Export Access to Excel easy and quickly. Withdata AccessToExcel is a tool to export Access data to Excel file.
Withdata AccessToExcel is convenient:
1. Easy visually config, just click on the mouse.
2. Displaying Progress, time estimation.
3. Saving and loading session parameters, let you repeat your task easily.
Withdata AccessToExcel is powerful:
1. Export from both table and query.
2. Export all tables data to Excel at once.
3. Command line and schedualed, automate your exporting task.
Version 2.2
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